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April 21st, 2005
06:05 pm


I can't find my Jamie Cullum or Keane CDs. That's quite frustrating. I wonder where they are!


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April 3rd, 2005
10:54 pm


Since I was bored, I took this again, and I'm a fork this time. Perhaps I'm a sork.

You are a Fork.

You are special, unique... and shiny.... but you just don't know it. Many admire you for your outward appearance, but you haven't truly expressed all of the great stuff inside of you. You have the potential to do great things and help others, and this will help you in the future. When you hold a grudge at someone, however, this can be dangerous. Despite your calmness that most people perceive about you, you keep a lot of feelings bottled up inside that one day can make you explode and stab something. Instead of resorting to that, you can say, "Go Fork Yourself!"

Most compatible with: Knife, and Sock.

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02:05 pm


For those of you that were there and remember the 'glorious' days of CaleyCo... well, it's making a comeback! However, the possible new like of products will not be involved with the PillowFight(c) branch of the company. This SHOULD be great. However, I would find it more convenient if I had a sewing machine. No matter. My products shall be wonderful anyways. I am such the entreprenuer!

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12:48 am


You are a sock.

You are a cozy, fuzzy, warm-hearted person. A lot of your friends describe you as a hopeless romantic. You fall for the opposite sex very easily. But be careful, because usually you don't know what you are getting into, and because you are very sensitive, you can get hurt... especially in early relationships. Also, don't exclude the cold-hearted from your "want-list", because they just might be looking for a kind person to warm up their heart.... or a sock to warm up their feet.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

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March 30th, 2005
12:33 am


Well, I finally got my braces off today. The stereotypes are true, my teeth to look big and feel slimey. I missed my most-hated class though so I was happy. Plus, I got to sleep in an extra 20 minutes. That makes a big difference! So yeah. I got them off in the morning and then had to go back after school to get my retainers (I already dislike those...) and so I went to brush my teeth at the sink and this girl who I have no idea who she is starts talking to me and asking me all these questions. And I'm just thinking "does it look like I've got something [toothpaste] in my mouth?!" But apparently not, and so she continues to tell me about how when they took her "expressions" (she meant impressions) that she puked on them. I'm just thinking, 'great, my life is now complete that I know this.'
Well, I can no longer go to FSHS's prom with my best bud. I'm kinda sad about that because we were gonna have fun. I still don't see what's wrong with going as friends with a guy, but apparently there are problems or else Jonathan wouldn't have said anything. Chris Carter taught me about this as well. Oh well, though, I can't do anything about it. I just feel REALLY bad now because it's kinda late to get someone else to go with and so now my friend's gonna be left out or not go or whatnot. So yeah. There are things I don't understand in this world. It appears, from what I've been learning lately, that if you are dating someone then you aren't allowed to have friends of the opposite sex. Ya know, I really don't like that. I don't feel as if someone has the right to say who I can and cannot talk with. Jonathan doesn't care if I talk to people though. Good, he better not.
I have a lot going on this week. I have 11 chapters in TKAM to read, 2 chapters in my history book, four tests on Friday, one test-like-quiz on Thursday, and a portfolio for Friday. Yeah, it sucks! So I have to get to work.
Later blossoms

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March 22nd, 2005
07:24 pm


Ah, today was great! Guess what! My boyfriend actually missed me yesterday! A thrice in a lifetime event! He still hasn't asked about GSA, but, wow, that really made my day hehe. It's so weird because it seems like all these things I've wanted to know, are being shown now. At 11:55 last night, my best bud called me from New York and he said he missed me a lot too! And Kara said she did, today. Wow, I didn't know that people actually cared that much about me!!
Remember how earlier this year I kept wanting to know what I smelled like? Well, yesterday Cole and Megan were like, 'you smell good Caley' so I guess I know now. Haha
Poteet was gone again today(!) Supposedly he was sick. Such a shame he had to miss all those complaining parents at parent teacher conferences tonight... tsk tsk
I'm on this relgioustolerance.org website finding out some stuff about other branches of Christianity. I like being Catholic, but I feel so ignorant of what other people do and I think it's kinda important to be informed.
I've been looking up college stuff. I still really want to go to Oberlin. Centre looks good if I stay in-state. University of Rochester doesn't look bad either. I think I'd like it considering there are no required classes, but it's not some breeze thing. It's just you take what's important. Plus, I could take Harley with me! I'd have a College Bunny lol. I dunno. I want to get a good music education, but I want a good general education too. I'm definately going to do at least a double-major.
Well, I have to study now. Happily, Mrs. Baker is letting us use an index card on our test. We can put whatever we want to on it and use it for the test. How awesome is that? I'm gonna have to learn how to write really small hehe tiny tiny.


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March 21st, 2005
09:42 pm


I have recently been informed that I am flirty. I had no clue of this. I didn't even know I could do that. So please share your opinions because I really am not getting what I'm doing. Thanks and have a nice day :)

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March 20th, 2005
06:01 pm


Yesterday I had my GSA auditions. I can't sight-read. I'm even worse when it's with rhythms so I probably didn't make it, but oh well. I tried. Chris will probably make it though. I saw him there. Yay Chris!

I have a crapload of homework that I can't seem to do because I procrastinate too much.

I got tons of clothes today. Yay for shopping! 1 pair of shoes (30%off!), 4 skirts ( two of them were $5 each YAY GOOD DEALS), 1 kinda fancy-ish shirt, and then 3 plain shirts. Yay. I have been needing clothes. Maybe now someone will notice me hehe. People said I looked pretty on Thursday night, but he wasn't there to see. Oh well.

I had something else to say but I forgot... um um um oh well. Oh yeah, my birthday is comin' up in about 2 months (May 19th!!!) and I want Eisley's CD... but hey Easter's even earlier so if ya love me... :)

This little survey thing was on Susan's sight, and I like those so I'll do that while working on my art for English (don't even get me started) and assisting the great Shannon Owens!

Section One: About Me

1. Name: Caley
2. Nicknames: um... I used to have some, but not anymore. People forgot about the Dos thing (thankfully... see why I'm taking French lol)

3. Feet size: 8 1/2

4. Do you have a crush: um I guess not

5. Boyfriend? yes

6. Age your act: age isn't necessarily characterized by a number, so I dunno... but not too young and not too old

7. Where Do You Live: Bowling Green

8. Where you want to live: some place with a cafe that's not too urban and not too rural

9. Birthplace: Bowling Green

10. Favorite Salad Dressing: none, ew to salad dressing, it smells

11. Ever gone skinny dipping? no!

12. What are you watchingnothing

13. Last person you talked to: verbally-Mom, online-Jake and Shannon

14. Favorite movie: The Princess Bride!!! I also like When Harry Met Sally and Serendipity and Alice in Wonderland

15. Favorite Book: The Princess Bride Memoirs of a Geisha is really good too

16. Favorite Music: Pretty much everything except for country which I am beginning to tolerate quite well, you'd be proud of me. I love Damien Rice, Jamie Cullum, Eisley, Saving Dawn, Brown Couch, Carbon Leaf, Keane, Loveless, etc etc etc

17. Favorite types of cars: um I dunno I like pretty ones. My boyfriend's car has a pretty colour so I like it.

18. Favorite Saying: I have a lot. I like a lot of stuff from Rabindranath Tagore, but how about this for now: "There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up" --Oscar Wilde My favorite Bible verse is Ecclesiastes 9:11. That's kinda saying-y too

19. Favorite Fast Food: Subway!!! and Sonic french fries and Zaxby's

20. Favorite Ice Cream: Love Potion #31

21. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: does the wine at Church count? I do like that

22. When Do You Go To Sleep: varied, but always late

23. Most Embarrassing Moment: can't say

24. Stupidest Person you know: Besides me? lol jk Actually, I think we all know... As.... ok that's it

25. Funniest Person you know: Chris

26. Favorite holiday: Easter, St. Patrick's Day

27. Favorite Food: Italian food, chicken/broccoli fettucini yum...

28. Favorite Song: um... I love so many songs I can't really choose, but right now I like this song called Mad World. Iris by GGD is good too

29. Favorite Television Show: I dunno... I like those documentaries on VH1 and home improvement shows hehe I'm not a big TV person

30. Favorite Radio Station: 88.5, 88.9, 107.5

31. Favorite junk food: GS cookies, ice cream?, Cheetos, Baked and Unbaked Lays, but I'm not too big on junk

32. Favorite sappy love song: I guess Blower's Daughter? If I've ever heard "If You Go Away" then that would be it

33. Favorite Drink: Aquafina, as for non-AQ stuff, I enjoy raspberry flavored beverages such as cappucinnos and Italian Cream Sodas

34. Favorite article of clothing: sparklie shoes


1.College- Oberlin or Centre

2. Where You Want To Live: somewhere where I'm loved

3. How Many Kids You Want: one or maybe two

4. What Kind Of Job You Want: something with music, maybe music therapy, maybe something with french, something psychology or social, interior designer, architect... I really don't know, but something liberal artsy
5. Wedding song: no clue

6. Pets? a bunny! Harley is wonderful right now

7. Car? one with a good radio and a pretty colour

8. 5 years from now? I'll be a junior in college

9. 10 years from now? 25 and hopefully successful and in love with life

10.20 years from now? 35, hopefully in love with life, still, AND a person and maybe married, but I want to open an Italian Restaurant with a cafe and call it A Piacere

SECTION THREE: Have You Ever..

1. Done Drugs: nope

2. Run Away From Home: nah, I always thought about it, but nope

3. Hit A Boy: hehe yeah

4. Lied: yes

5. Stolen Anything: I don't think so

6. Broken A Bone: no

7. Cheated On A Test: no

8. Cheated On A Boyfriend: no

9. Gotten Drunk: no

10. Been With Two guys/girls At Once: no

11. Been In The Hospital: not for something serious

12. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: of course

13. Fell asleep in the shower/bath: maybe in the bath, but I haven't fallen asleep in the shower like Cole haha

15. Never slept during a night: yes. A lot, but the first time was when I was 5. I remember doing that.

16. Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: nope :/

17. Been to a camp: yeah

18. Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: yeah

19. Seen someone die: thankfully, no

20. Gone a week w/out shaving: um, yeah, why do it in the winter?

21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: ew no,

22. Broken something valuable: I don't think so

23. Thought you were in love: I did once

24. Streaked the streets: no

25. Screamed at someone for no reason: oh yeah

26. Said I love you and meant it: yes

27. Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved: oh yeah

28. Stayed up till 4 am on the phone: yup

29. Pulled a prank? yeah

30. Made fun of someone? please, everyone does

SECTION Four: When is the Last Time You..

1. Took a shower: last week... don't worry, I take baths daily :)

2. Cried: Tuesday, I believe

3. Watched a Disney movie: can't recall

5. Been to the movies: January

6. Said I love you: I dunno, maybe Thursday?

7. danced? today

8. did a survey like this: a while

SECTION five: What is..

1. Your Fondest Memory Of This year: there are so so so many. Claude's birthday was a good one and then Cole and I ran into that car... so that ruined that (haha literally)

2. Your Most Prized Possession: Claude and Vladimir and jouranls and my seal... wait... does Harley count? 'Cause definately Harley

3. What makes you happy? Love's what makes the world go round, when people love me, when people care and remember me (doesn't happen much), memories, MUSIC-band, radio, clarinet, everything, Damien Rice, Harley, people, sparklie and bright shoes, success

4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: I don't eat breakfast

5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: Fettuccinni or something Italian, but I like some Chinese food too

6. Your Favorite Slow Song: something jazzy, I can't think of something right now

SECTION SiX: What do i feel about...


1. full name: Caley Marie (you should know my last name if you matter, but to risk murder... it's not goin on here)

2. hair color: to quote Chris, "a brown rainbow" (it's all natural baby lol)

3. eye color: hazel (Green/Brown)

4. current height: 5'4.5

5. glasses/contacts: contacts

6. birthdate: 5-19-89

7. religion: Christian, Catholic YAY

8. current age: 15

9. siblings: 1

10. siblings age: 13

11. location: Bowling Green

12. college plans: Oberlin or Centre, but really Oberlin


1. best guy friend: Cole, Josh, Chris, I dunno, I love 'em all

2. best girl friend: Megan or Shannon

3. current crush: n/a

4. boyfriend/girlfriend: yeah, Jonathan

5. are u center of attention or wallflower: Center... usually

6. what type automobile do u drive: a remote control one

7. are u timely or always late: both

8. do u have a job: no, but I want to work at Starbucks when I'm 18 and maybe Subway this summer because I love Subway

9. do you like being around people: yes


1. have u ever loved someone u had no chance with? it couldn't've been love, but I did really like someone that I didn't have a chance w/

2. have u ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex said? definately

3. do u have a "type" of person u always go after: I don't know but I want him to be a Christian, uncloseminded (have to work on that one...), caring, thinks of me, wants to be with me, treat me like a queen, understand me, funny, not downright dog-ugly, good personality, appreciate music and arts, etc

4. want someone u don't have right now? no

5. ever liked a close guy/girlfriend? not really

6. are u lonely right now? yeah

7. ever afraid u'll never get married? yes

8. do u want to get married? yeah

9. do u want kids? I guess so

10. would you rather love or be loved? You can't do one without the other. You have to know love to be able to love.


1. room in house: my room, computer room

2. type of music: everything but country. but I really like just obscure stuff that nobody's heard of. Yay Damien Rice, Yay Jamie Cullum, Yay Carbon Leaf, Yay Eisley, YAY etc

3. location for dates: anywhere is fine, i like going out to eat and just hanging out somewhere

4. memory: i have many, sometime this year

5. day of the week: Thursday

6. color: Red the most, and I like banana yellow and green and everything else too, but mostly Red

7. perfume or cologne: Good Luck Bear hehe I have CareBears perfume! yay I have Cheer Bear too and that smells good

8. flower: Daffodils!!, Poinsettias, Irises, the meanings of roses are nice

9. month: November, definately NOT APRIL

10. season: Autumn

In the last 48 hours have you..

1. cried: no

2. bought something: lotsa clothes, well... my mommy did hehe lol I bough G.S. cookes on Friday so there

3. gotten sick: nah

4. sang: yes

5. said i love u: no

6. wanted to tell someone u loved them but didn't: yes, there is always a person that needs to hear it

7. met someone new: yes

9. talked to someone: yes

10. had a serious talk: no

11. missed someone: yes

12. hugged someone: yes

13. kissed someone: no

14. fought with your parents: don't think so, oh wait maybe a little bit

15. dreamed about someone u can't be with: no

16. had a lot of sleep: for me, yeah-ish

Okay, that's it, now for stupid reading

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March 16th, 2005
09:11 pm


I just had the most exciting thing ever happen to me. I realized, for the first time it actually hit me how much God wants me here. He wanted me! ME!! Can you believe that? I can't! But if He says so, then I must be here for a great reason. Even if I don't find out that's okay! It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. What do they know compared to My Savior? nothing! God wants me and that's all there is to it!

Current Mood: ecstaticEVERYTHING JOYFUL

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06:22 pm


Right now I am waiting for my loverly genius of a boyfriend to get here to help me, his dumb girlfriend, with math! I am AWFUL at math. Thanks to Cole I can now jam with the quads. I think I might make some JAM because of that! Haha.
I had a lesson today. It went pretty well. I'll be happy when auditions are over.
I found out that the foreign language state thing is on May 14th. That's good that it's not the same day as prom because I am going to look pretty for the first time ever.
I love Eisley. I want that CD.
Gotta go!

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